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11 April 2024, Company News

Powercats Unleashed at Callide Dam!

Witness our Powercats in action at Callide Dam, Queensland, Australia, skillfully captured by Wynnum Marine! Their expert showcase highlights the power, agility, and stability of our boats, including the impressive 450 Tiller, 450 Centre Console, and 510 Centre Console models. Whether you’re a boating enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a potential buyer, this short clip…

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8 April 2024, Company News

Experience the Power of the 670 Powercat Catamaran in Rough Waters

Picture this: winds howling at 25 knots, waves towering at 1 meter, and our 670 Powercat slicing through the rough conditions like a hot knife through butter. Our latest YouTube video showcases our 670 Powercat Catamaran remaining unfazed by these conditions as it punches through the waves. Customers have been eagerly awaiting this footage, and…

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19 December 2023, Company News

Josh Darby and his 570 Powercat feature in NZ Fishing News

Josh Darby, contributor to NZ Fishing News had the opportunity to take Grant from NZ fishing news out on his new 570 Powercat, custom built for Josh with added features specific to Josh’s style of fishing. Check out the 570 Powercat here Watch Josh & Grant talk about the 570 in the video below Fishing…

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18 December 2023, Company News

Hamish and his adventure ready custom 650 Tiller Monohull

Introducing adventure enthusiast Hamish Beesley, who has found his perfect boat — a custom 650 Tiller Monohull by Kingfisher Boats. Boasting an impressive set of specifications, this boat, built in 2020 especially for Hamish, reflects Hamish’s passion for fishing and exploration. Hamish says “I wanted to create a tough powerful purpose-built fishing vessel and my…

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7 December 2023, Company News

‘Muddy Feet’ and his 390 Powercat in NZ Fishing News

Ryan “muddy feet’ had the opportunity to take Grant from NZ fishing news out on his 390 Powercat.  Ryan will be touring NZ in the coming months in the boat before its given away to a deserving member of the community at the 2024 Hutchwilco boat show. You can read the article here Ryan documented the…

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13 November 2023, Company News

Western Angler reviews

Recently Western Angler has had the opportunity to review two of our Powercats, the 450 and the 570. You can check out the reviews via the links below: Check out the boat pages here:

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6 November 2023, Company News

Why do Powercat’s make a great commercial boat?

Ever wondered why Powercats are so popular with commercial boat operators? When it comes to operating a venture on the water the key considerations are stability, safety and the ability of the vessel to undertake the commercial activities. Twin hulled power catamarans offer superior stability, safety and a range of advantages that make them the…

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11 August 2023, Company News , 1 comment

A New Chapter for Kingfisher Boats

Kia Ora and hello to our beloved Kingfisher Boats community, We hope this message finds you all well and excited for what the future holds on the open waters. We wanted to take a moment to share some news with you regarding our company’s journey. Two years ago, as a brother sister duo, we embarked…

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19 July 2023, Company News

Wave breaker, our revolutionary technology

Smooth sailing has always been a goal for boaters, whether they’re out for a leisurely cruise or racing at top speeds. However, choppy water and rough waves can make for a uncomfortable ride, and they can impact on a boat’s performance. That’s where the Wave Breaker comes in. This revolutionary technology creates clean water and…

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