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Why buy a cat?

Ever wondered what the benefits of a Powercat are over a monohulled boat? Why you should choose a catamaran over a monohull? What’s better?

More beam

More beam:

More beam means more useable space inside and around the decks. Without the ‘pointed’ shape of the bow of a monohull, a cat gains considerable space forward where our casting decks are.  This gives a massive advantage when it comes to usable space nd is why they have such fantastic fishability.

Powercats stability

Superior stability:

A Powercats twin hulls focus the buoyancy around the outside of the boat, rather than in the middle, creating much greater stability. No more ‘someone go to the other side of the boat!’ 

Powercats HP

Less HP needed:

Powercats have less drag and only use up 250mm of water making them plain with virtually no acceleration. What does this mean? This means that you need less HP and get better fuel economy out of your Powercat.

Powercats volume

More volume:

Powercats have a bigger beam and get up to 15% more volume compared to a mono hull which gives you more space for casting, fishing and storage in your boat.

Powercats fantastic fishability

Fantastic fishability:

Our casting decks, wide beam and superior stability are what makes our Powercats have such fantastic fishability.  Our Powercats sit flat even in the most unforgiving seas so anglers can fish in chop and swell with ease. The wide beam and flat casting decks mean you can fish from all four corners of your boat without tripping over your mates!

Powercat's unbeatable ride

Unbeatable ride:

At high speeds, a Powercat gains lift and cushioning as sprayand air are pressured through between the two hulls,providng an unbeatable ride.  Additionally, a Powercat’s twin hulls slice through even the roughest chop and swell providing a nice smooth ride. 

Cats provide significant advantages over their monohulled counterparts, smooth riding, more volume, better economy and unbeatable stability

To learn more about the benefits of a Powercat click the link.

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  1. Jesper Colding,

    Great boats and website.

    I wonder if it’s possible to make the 570 more leisure and lounge friendly. As a fishing setup it looks awesome, but for those days where you just want to cruise and lounge and have a chilled day what is possible. Turn the casting deck at the bow into a sun deck with cushions? A table ? Mounting a small bbq on the rails? Extending the swim platform? Shades?

    • Laura,

      Hi Jesper,

      Thanks so much for the comment and feedback! We can do all sorts – I know of one customer who was planning to put a bean bag on the front casting deck to read a book while out! You could absolutely put sunshade extensions, tables, BBQ – get in touch and we can look into these options for you 🙂

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