About Kingfisher Boats

Kingfisher Boats and Powercats have been based in the beautiful Mt Maunganui for over 19 years. In this time, we have built up a diverse range of products both Powercats and Monohulled boats, commercial and recreational vessels, all ranging from 3m to 18m in length. With our in-house design capabilities, we are able to completely design and build the boat that you require.

The development of Powercats

Our team recognised the potential of Powercats and thus began an evolution that has seen large numbers of these boats not only cruising our coastlines but venturing across oceans as well.

Today, a well-designed and built Powercat holds it value exceptionally well, a testament to the many factors that give it significant advantages over the traditional monohull vessel.

Our Boatbuilding Experience

While we are Powercat specialists, our expertise in boatbuilding extends to all areas of the market – from small dinghies and punts right through to large monohull launches. In between we have designed and built houseboats for leisure and charter, workboats for charter and crayfishing, and an extensive range of trailer boats – both the Kingfisher brand and other well-known brands. Outside of our own Kingfisher designs we have built boats designed by Naiad, Tim Barnett, and Roger Hill.

We have built boats to comply with survey standards by Lloyds, Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Maritime New Zealand.

Trial a Cat

Powercats are growing in popularity in New Zealand and around the world. We believe they are the future in boats, which is why we specialise in powercats. If you are unsure of the benefits of powercats, have a look around our website, and then give us a call to discuss.

If you seriously want to see for yourself the benefits of one of our cats, we will often have a cat available in Tauranga for a no obligation sea trial.