18 December 2023, Company News

Hamish and his adventure ready custom 650 Tiller Monohull

Introducing adventure enthusiast Hamish Beesley, who has found his perfect boat — a custom 650 Tiller Monohull by Kingfisher Boats. Boasting an impressive set of specifications, this boat, built in 2020 especially for Hamish, reflects Hamish’s passion for fishing and exploration.

Hamish says “I wanted to create a tough powerful purpose-built fishing vessel and my 650 kingfisher has done that and more. From family outings, and playing on the water to off shore fishing adventures chasing the big one. She’s a one of a kind vessel that keeps me adventure hungry

650 Tiller

The hull is 6500mm in length with a sturdy 6mm thickness at the bottom and 4mm on the sides, ensures durability in the unpredictable New Zealand waters. The 2440mm beam provides stability, and the 150hp Yamaha ensures Hamish can navigate with confidence, even during the most challenging conditions.

Equipped for the avid angler that Hamish is, the 650 Tiller features six rod holders strategically placed in the gunnels, a live bait tank complete with a ‘Fish TV’ window, and a raised casting platform forward, providing a perfect vantage point for spotting the next big catch. The design also incorporates practical elements, such as storage compartments for twin batteries and equipment under the casting deck, ensuring everything is stowed away neatly.

For Hamish, every fishing expedition is an opportunity to capture stunning moments, and the Portofino transom with boarding platforms, Portofino grab rails, and a self-draining anchor well add to the boat’s functionality. The 2000GPH bilge pump, sealed underfloor buoyancy, and underfloor fuel tank of 150 liters further enhance safety and efficiency.

Beyond the technicalities, the aesthetics of the 650 Tiller Monohull shine through, whether cruising along the coastline or casting a line into the deep blue, Hamish’s boat is a head-turner.

As Hamish continues to share his adventures on Instagram under the handle “hokdup,” or on Facebook under the handle “Hooked up 100% Aotearoa fishing” the 650 Tiller stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure that fuels enthusiasts like Hamish.

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