11 August 2023, Company News , 1 comment

A New Chapter for Kingfisher Boats

Kia Ora and hello to our beloved Kingfisher Boats community,

We hope this message finds you all well and excited for what the future holds on the open waters. We wanted to take a moment to share some news with you regarding our company’s journey.

Two years ago, as a brother sister duo, we embarked on a partnership, acquiring a majority stake in Kingfisher Boats. This collaboration was driven by a shared passion for the Powercat range of boats and a vision for Kingfisher’s potential. Over the past two years, we’ve been at the helm, steering and managing the day-to-day operations, ensuring that our shared vision for Kingfisher Boats remained on course. It’s been an experience filled with challenges, but also immense learning and growth.

Today, we want to share that our family has now taken full ownership of Kingfisher Boats. We are grateful for the lessons learned, experiences shared, and the continued support from all of you during this transition.  This transition has been a journey of learning, adaptation, and unwavering commitment. Through it all our dedication to quality and continuous improvement has remained at the helm. With this change, we reiterate our pledge to uphold these values, driving the company towards newer horizons with the same passion and dedication.

This doesn’t signify an end, but rather a new beginning. A fresh chapter. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and to our community remains unshaken. We’re excited about the future, the journey ahead is promising, and as we steer Kingfisher Boats forward, we’re fortunate to do so with the continued support and trust of our wonderful community.

Here’s to calm waters, clear skies, and a future filled with adventures on the horizon.

Laura Mason and Jeremy Mason

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  1. Andy Kennard,

    Enquiring about a power cat 26-30’ long.
    I owned a 34’ which was wonderful.
    I’m now looking for a smaller boat
    What variations in power can the 9m cat have?
    Do you have plans I can view??

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