8 April 2024, Company News

Experience the Power of the 670 Powercat Catamaran in Rough Waters

Picture this: winds howling at 25 knots, waves towering at 1 meter, and our 670 Powercat slicing through the rough conditions like a hot knife through butter.

Our latest YouTube video showcases our 670 Powercat Catamaran remaining unfazed by these conditions as it punches through the waves. Customers have been eagerly awaiting this footage, and now, they can witness firsthand the unmatched performance of this remarkable vessel.

Heading out into the rough at 10 knots, the ride was comfortable and stable, coming back in at 18 knots saw the boat sitting on top off all the muck.   Stability is one of the key benefits of an aluminium catamaran whether you’re navigating choppy seas or exploring tranquil coves, our power catamarans offer a smooth and stable ride.

Searching for the perfect power catamaran, then look no further. Our aluminum boat lineup includes the 670 Powercat Catamaran, designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your boating experience. With its spacious deck, comfortable seating, and advanced features, it’s the ultimate choice for fishing, leisure cruising, and watersport enthusiasts alike.

Experience the difference today and embark on your next ocean escapade with confidence. Discover the 670 Powercat Catamaran and unlock a world of possibilities on the waves. Your journey begins here.

You can view the raw footage here:

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