19 July 2023, Company News

Wave breaker, our revolutionary technology

Smooth sailing has always been a goal for boaters, whether they’re out for a leisurely cruise or racing at top speeds. However, choppy water and rough waves can make for a uncomfortable ride, and they can impact on a boat’s performance. That’s where the Wave Breaker comes in. This revolutionary technology creates clean water and prevent aeration, leading to a smoother and more efficient boating experience.

The Wave Breaker works by reducing the amount of air and water turbulence caused by a boat’s motion. This, in turn, allows for a cleaner flow of water to the outboard engine. As a result, boaters can experience increased fuel efficiency, improved engine performance, and a quieter and smoother ride.

One of the main benefits is its ability to prevent aeration and cavitation. When air is introduced into the water flow, it can create pockets of turbulence and air pockets on the surfce of the propeller which can then reduce the efficiency of the engine. This can lead to increased fuel consumption and decreased performance. With the Wave Breaker, boaters can avoid these issues and enjoy a smoother, more efficient and more enjoyable boating experience.

The Wave Breaker is a game-changing technology that has revolutionized the performance of our under 6m Powercats. By creating clean water and preventing aeration, this innovative feature can improve engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and provide a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Why do we only put the Wave breaker on our under 6m Powercats?

The decision to only put the Wave Breaker on our Powercats under 6 meters is due to the benefits that provided to this type of boat. Asymmetrical catamarans create a more stable and efficient ride, with less drag and better fuel economy. However, due to the twin hull and single engine configuration of these boats they can sometimes experience issues with aeration and cavitation, which can reduce performance and increase fuel consumption.

Our Powercats are often used for recreational purposes, such as fishing or pleasure cruising, and benefit from the added stability and efficiency provided by an asymmetrical catamaran design. By adding the Wave Breaker to these boats, owners can enjoy a smoother, quieter ride with improved engine performance.

It’s also worth noting that the Wave Breaker is not necessary for larger boats or powercats with twin engine configuration.

The decision to only put the Wave Breaker on our under 6 meter powercat designs is due to the specific benefits provided to this type of boat, including improved engine performance, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced aeration and cavitation.

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