30 August 2015, Workboats , 2 comments

Taupo Harbourmaster Rib takes to water

This 10.5m Naiad will be a common sight on Lake Taupo this summer after being launched for sea trials in Tauranga during August.

The RIB is powered by twin 370hp Yanmars driving Hamilton jets and is capable of close to 40 knots top speed. A vast array of modern electronics will ensure the Harbourmaster’s role on the lake will be carried out with the utmost safety and effectiveness.

Taupo Harbourmaster Rib
Taupo Harbourmaster Rib
Taupo Harbourmaster Rib

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  1. imam jarwanto,

    Dear Alloy Cats (NZ) Ltd

    please advise boat dimensions/particulars; general arrangement drawing; seating/engine layout; etc for 10.5m naiad “Taupo Harbourmaster Ribs”


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