31 May 2023, Company News

Our 390 Powercat features in NZ Fishing News

Embarking on a fishing adventure requires the perfect vessel to navigate the waters and reel in the big catch.  In the June 2023 NZ Fishing News, focused on the remarkable capabilities and features of the 390 Powercat Tiller. Nick Jones of NZ Fishing News said ‘I was very impressed by the handling and fishability of this pocket-sized vessel.”

In this article, NZ Fishing News looks at our 390 Powercat Tiller, an impressive vessel renowned for its precision, versatility, and superior performance. The article provides an overview of this fishing gem, shedding light on its features, benefits, and how it enhances the fishing experience in the diverse waters of New Zealand.

The 390 Powercat allows anglers to navigate through inshore fishing environments with ease. Whether you’re trolling for big game fish, casting for trout in rivers, or engaging in bait fishing in lakes, this boat adapts effortlessly to your chosen style.

The article highlights the boat’s responsive handling, smooth manoeuvrability, and excellent stability, ensuring a seamless and comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a passionate enthusiast, the 390 Tiller Boat promises unforgettable fishing adventures, bringing you one step closer to your fishing aspirations.

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