20 February 2017, Company News

Now under construction

Currently the workshop is very busy. Have a look at what we’re working on at the moment.

  1. The third 12m Roger Hill designed displacement cat will be launched in March. This craft will be powered by twin 270hp Hyundai diesels on conventional shafts.
  2. 2. A 12m Kingfisher cat for commercial crayfishing is close to the completion of the  alloy hot work
  3.  A 10m Kingfisher cat for recreational fishing will be turned over at end of February. This sedan planing cat will be powered by twin Yanmar 315hp diesel stern drives.
  4. Minicats: We are now nearing the launching of nearly a hundred of these well received craft
  5. Coastguard Naiad: Construction of a 9.5m Naiad rib for a North Island coastguard unit will begin in February.
  6. With several other Roger Hill designed cats looking likely in the next few months 2017 will be a very busy year for the management and staff of Alloy Cats.

Have you got alloy boatbuilding skills and wish to settle in the Bay of Plenty?
Give us a call.

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