21 August 2014, Company News

New Kingfishercat 705 launched

Expectations were met as the new Kingfishercat 705 finally graced the water in Tauranga. The trim was perfect, stability exceptional (as would be expected from a cat) and the nasty Mount Maunganui harbour entrance pressure waves utterly tamed as the craft went on its initial sea trial.

Powered by twin 100hp 4 stroke Yamahas, the cat topped out at around 35knots. From take off the boat lifted easily onto the plane – no bow up/ butt dragging posture here!

kingfishercat 705

Designer Kim Bertelsen is rapt in the performance which also impressed the first potential purchaser. This first cat has underfloor fuel tanks and a very basic fit  out and is expected to retail from around $120,000.


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