8 December 2022, Company News , 4 comments

Kingfisher Boats & Powercats announce Australian Dealer Network

Kingfisher Boats & Powercats range of trailer boats is set to be launched in Australia next year with the launch of its Australian dealer network.

Kingfisher Boats & Powercats General Manager Laura Mason says “The arrival of Kingfisher Boats in Australia is monumental. These are awesome boats that deserve an excellent dealer network to sell to and service Kingfisher owners. We are thrilled to have carefully selected dealers who set a high standard of customer service to partner with so that Kingfisher boat owners can be assured of the most professional service, warranty and support.”

Available in 2023 from Sports Marine in Western Australia, Wynnum Marine in Queensland, and Hunts Marine in NSW.  Between Gregg, Johnny, and Jon we are confident our boats will be accessible to avid boaties throughout Australia who are set to receive and excellent level of service when visiting our new dealers.

Sports Marine, WA
Kingfisher Boats Australia

“We are delighted to be able to offer this unique range to our customers in WA, SA & NT”

Gregg Collett, Sports Marine


Wynnum Marine, QLD
Kingfisher Boats Australia

“Kingfisher Boats are an exciting addition to our range and we are thrilled to be representing Kingfisher in QLD”

Johnny Milton, Wynnum Marine


Hunts Marine, NSW
Kingfisher Boats Australia

“One of the best riding boats I’ve been in, I can’t wait to share Kingfisher boats with NSW!”

Jon Hunt, Hunts Marine


Kingfisher Boats Australia

4 comments so far

  1. bruce townhill,

    Great news
    Very interested in 6m cat but too ahrd to get organised from NZ

    • Laura,

      Hi Bruce, thanks for the feedback, our Australian dealer network should make this much easier for you 🙂

  2. Fiona Rees,

    Fantastic to see some dealers in Aus….we are interested in Kingfisher 670 Catamaran but would like to understand pricing for base model and some possible options with pricing?

    • Laura,

      Hi Fiona, that’s awesome! Our 670 is a great riding boat 🙂 If you reach out via our contact us page i can get your closest dealer to reach out with pricing and options 🙂

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