14 December 2015, Company News , 5 comments

Kingfisher 670 centre console trailercat impresses

Roomy, stable, comfortable and dry – what better features are needed for a day sportsfisher.

This newest rig from the Kingfisher stable  has quiet economical twin 90hp Suzukis, double helm seat, extended deck platform between the outboards, a foredeck casting platform, specially housed icebin and, yes, a toilet! Of course not very Kingfisher 670 powercat has to have all these features, but even the basic boat offers loads of fishing room and the kind of stability that has to be experienced to be believed.

Contact Alloy Cats for pricing and specifications.

Kingfisher 670 CC Powercat
Kingfisher 670 CC Powercat
Kingfisher 670 Centre Console Powercat

5 comments so far

  1. Brian Robertson,

    Hi, can I get one of these in Australia, and how much will it cost me? Pick up Brisbane perhaps.
    Thanks Brian

  2. Sean Newland,

    Saw this and the smaller cabin version at boat ramp today. Great looking boats, welds look excellent and trailers pretty special too.

  3. Boating Officer,


    What’s the draft on the 670 HT ?

    • colinbertelsen,

      With outboards up approx 400mm. Outboards down fully 750mm

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