25 September 2016, Company News , 2 comments

Economical and comfortable Kingfisher 1200 displacement powercat at Auckland Boat Show

On our passage from Tauranga to Auckland to display at the Auckland On the Water Boat Show the economy cruising figures of the Kingfisher 12m displacement cat were as follows:

  • Distance travelled: 125nm
  • Average speed: 17.6 knots
  • Time taken: 7 hours
  • Diesel used: 275 litres
  • Litres per nautical mile: 2.2
  • Cost at 90 cents/litre: $247
  • Sea conditions: Average one metre nor easterly swell

Currently we have two more of these impressive craft under construction for Auckland clients with another two scheduled for next year.
See us at the show from Thursday 29th September to 2nd October at the Viaduct Basin.

2 comments so far

  1. Jill samson,

    We were at the boat show but didn’t manage to see your 12m power cat. we would like to head offshore. Would this cat suit?

    • colinbertelsen,

      Yes, but you’d have to specify larger fuel tanks. We have done calculations for cruising to Fiji , for example, and found such a journey to be not only feasible but quite quick given the right conditions. You can follow up this comment by emailing info@alloycats.co.nz

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