3 October 2013, Company News , 1 comment

7m Trailer Powercat extends range

[lead]This trailerable Kingfishercat 705 will be launched early next year. It will complement our range of larger alloy powercats giving the company vessels from 7 to 15metres on the water.[/lead]

A unique feature of this cat will be its watertight sealed hulls giving it positive flotation in the event of a mishap. Power will be a pair of 90hp 4 stroke outboards.

As of 10th March the alloy work is all but completed with fit out about to begin.

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  1. colinbertelsen,

    Length 7.05m, beam 2.5m. This is a trailerable cat with a weight including trailer of between 3 and 3.5 tonnes.
    Yes, sleeping space can be created in cabin. Our current workload has been such that we have only just commenced the build of the first one, so we’ll keep this site updated on progress.

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