Sea-Man Foamer


Our Sea-Man Foamer makes washing down your asset a breeze! Simply attach the hose to the end, add your Sea-It Salt removing concentrate to the fill bowl, select your desired concentrate in our multi-selector and pull the trigger.

Give any surfaces with heavy soil marks a wipe down with a microfibre or form bristled brush and leave the Sea-It foam sit for 5 Minutes.

After 5 Minutes of waiting simply turn the Selector to 0 and rinse of your asset and you are good to go!



Sea-Man Foamer Features and Benefits:

  • Save time on washing your boat, vehicles, house and other equipment
  • Creates and spreads the sea-it salt removing wash evenly to cover move surface area
  • Saves on product as it mixes the water and concentrate for you as it sprays
  • Multi-selection gives you the ability to select what concentrate you spray at – We suggest 1:128 or A