Sea-It Engine Flush Mixer


Sea-It Outboard Engine & Motor Flush Mixer makes flushing your engine as easy as 1,2,3.

Flushing your outboard engine and jet ski engine after use on the water helps protect your boat and ski from salt corrosion in the coolant system and helps keep your equipment going for longer.



Sea-It Salt Removing Engine Flush features and benefits:

  • Brass hose fittings for tight and non-leaking attachments
  • Made from tough and durable plastic
  • Helps remove salt from your engines coolant system
  • Concentration Selector on top of the unit gives you the ability to choose what concentration you flush your outboard at

Sea-It Quick Step Guide to using the Sea-It Engine Flush Kit:

  1. Fit muffs to your engine ensuring they fit correctly & turn on the water and Run through the engine until it runs warm out of the tell tail, turn the engine off
  2. Fill the sea-it engine flusher with 30ml of sea-it concentrate & fit the sea-it engine flusher to the muffs and reconnect the water hose
  3. Restart the engine flushing sea it through the motor until bubbles appear out of every exit point. (approx. 1 minute ) Turn the engine off and then water off
  4. Let the engine sit with sea-it inside the cooling system for 5 mins to dissolve all the salt. Remove the sea-it flusher from the engine and reconnect the hose
  5. Turn the water back on and restart the engine with the flushing muffs on & Flush till the water is clear ensuring all the dissolved salt has been evacuated (approx. 5-10 mins)
  6. Crack a beer and get into the filleting 😎

Warning: Do not run the motor without water at any stage.