Naiad Design

For more than 40 years Naiad have created watercraft that are globally renowned for their rugged dependability, comfort, safety and innovation. Founded in Picton, their unparalleled performance has seen Naiad become known as the 4WD of the Sea. They are renowned to be able to keep going when others need to turn back.

As a builder of Naiad Designs, we have developed a lot of experience in building these exceptional boats. From a 15.5m rescue boat for Auckland Coastguard; Harbour master boats for Waihi Beach, Whakatane, Thames, Whangamata and the Taupo Harbourmaster and superyacht tenders, we’ve done it all!

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Most recently we have completed a harbourmaster boat for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

“This particular design started life, loosely, as a NSW Roads and Maritime patrol boat where a number have successfully been used in service for over 4 years. However, there were a number of changes needing to be made to ensure BoP Harbourmasters could better interact with boaties easily and safely, so the cabin was redesigned and easy access given for someone walking from the cabin to the bow but also giving good space aft as well. Because of the extended hours Harbourmasters spend out on the water we also needed to ensure adequate sun protection, and for the heat of summer, opportunity to keep cool by letting breeze through. Harbourmasters also need a lot of storage space for all their additional equipment so best use of space was given wherever possible. Health, safety and fatigue management of the crew onboard was also paramount and so NAiAD also incorporated the knuckle bow which is designed to pierce through waves, greatly assisting in ride comfort, along with our deep vee deadrise – this boat doesn’t slam as we tested in Tauranga during sea trials.

NAiAD’s are built under license around the world, and although we are based in Picton, we chose Alloy Cats as the Licenced Builder for this build to support the BoP region, but also as we knew the boat they put together would be of high quality and last the test of time.”

Andrew Hogg, GM Naiad.